What you need to know

Namibia is an African destination that caters for everyone. With excellent roads and infrastructure, economic and social stability and a seemingly endless variety of things to see and do. Namibia is a peaceful, democratic country, and it is safe to travel throughout the country as the crime rate is relatively low. As in any other place in the world, appropriate behaviour can prevent theft. Never carry articles such as camera’s, wallets or money too openly or leave them lying exposed in a parked vehicle. The official language is English, but German and Afrikaans are widely spoken and understood. Namibia has 15 ethnic groups with some 27 languages and dialects being spoken.

In addition to hotels, upmarket and standard lodges are top-rated in Namibia. In general, the lodges are smaller and offer a more personalized service. Travelling with children is no problem in Namibia as many lodges and accommodations cater to the family market. The Namibian telephone service is well developed, except for some isolated rural areas. Cell phone coverage is available in most of Namibia and all towns. Pre-paid sim cards (Starter Packs) for your mobile telephone can be purchased at any mobile office – this is much cheaper than using your sim card with international roaming. Namibia’s time zone is two hours ahead of GMT.