Our Social Responsibility

Practising responsible tourism is a non-negotiable to us

We are responsible and accountable for the role we play in the countries in which we operate; economically, socially, and environmentally. Our accountability is lived through the DNA of our core business values and our company culture.

Empowering people

We realise the impact of tourism on sustainable economic growth. We empower people in our society, in our industry, and in our business. We raise awareness of the value of heritage in a way that protects and preserves our natural environment.

We provide in-house staff training and staff join educational’s where they can experience the properties they sell first-hand.

Importantly, and often gone unnoticed, is our strategic support for Community Based Tourism. These are SME businesses in the conservancies and rural areas, that try and work in tourism. It is likely one of the most effective long term sustainable manners to get revenue, employment and wealth into these areas, and we have both a solid commitment, but also a track record, in supporting these conservancies and communities in Namibia. It is part of a preferential procurement strategy.

Community-based programmes

Social responsibility is part of our culture and company DNA and our heartfelt project is Bishop Kameeta Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten was started on 7th January 2007 by Mrs Fredericks with the aim to enhance the lives of orphaned, HIV-infected or abandoned children, and to meet their physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs, all of which are essential elements for meaningful and positive development.

The Kindergarten started with only two kids and over the many years with our support has grown to 86 children between the ages of 1 month and adolescents that are being taught and/or stay at the Kindergarten. It has also become more of a place for children to stay safe whilst their parents, who are not well off, try and earn a living through odd jobs and other work.

One of the teachers and caretakers, Miss Patricia Brinkmann came to Mrs Fredericks as a baby and grew up under her wings. Now she is a teacher at the Kindergarten and pays forward to the children, the support she received from Mrs Fredericks and the Kindergarten. It has become a happy haven for children in a more stable environment.

Important to know: If your customers book a trip with us, they get the opportunity to support this special project, a percentage of the income flows directly into the Kindergarten fund which we use to pay the bills for water, electricity, gas, telecom, school clothes and books. We also use this fund to pay the salaries of all teachers as well as all hospital and doctor expenses.

Protecting our environment

Sense of Africa is very aware of the impact of climate on our environment. To ensure that we remain focussed on green travel, we regularly have ourselves assessed by Eco Awards, to ensure we are leaving as small an imprint as possible. We are graded 5 Flowers (the highest distinction) in respect of our sustainability actions. It is also noteworthy to record that Sense of Africa came first in the category DMC for sustainable tourism in the Inaugural Awards ceremony and has consistently achieved in the top Three.

To support our environment, we are encouraging the discontinuation of plastic bottles. We encourage the use of the re-usable bottles provided by Sense of Africa. We also carry filtered water in containers to replenish this water. Every client will receive a reusable bottle that can be refilled with water during their trip.

All Self-drive customers & group tour clients can purchase an aluminium water bottle from TOSCO. TOSCO is a Namibian initiative that supports various nature conservation programs. (TOSCO- Tourism Supporting Conservation) The entire proceeds of the sale of these water bottles go directly to TOSCO. – herewith their website. We are also a corporate sponsor of TOSCO.

We also enjoy smart partnerships with voluntary associations that focus on sustainability of the environment. We have been a regular supporter of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) and Namibia Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS).