African Eagle Namibia

Passion, professionalism and innovation have built the reputation of the African Eagle Namibia team. Since its inception in 1996, African Eagle Namibia has gained a lot of experience in creating unique trips for our clients.

Over the years African Eagle Namibia has been instrumental in promoting Namibia in France by promoting the destination at French Trade Fairs and working with major French tour operators and wholesalers, generating leisure travellers from this source market. The division utilizes the experience, IT dynamic capacity, and volume of Sense of Africa to improve and expand its offering.

Our dedicated and competent French team can put together specialized programs with unique value adds for individual travellers, fly-in safaris, group travellers or incentives.

The team has perfected the quintessential camping adventures, creating once in a lifetime memories for our guests. The Circuit Adventure offers each guest a professional service and includes all equipment needed to ensure a safe and amazing adventure.

African Eagle Namibia additionally offers a Mobile Adventure Camp, an extraordinary experience during a classic coach tour. One night of pure Namibian magic in touch with nature and the elements. These mobile tented camps are erected at exclusive sites in locations such as Sesriem, Spitzkoppe, Damaraland and many more.

Our Offering

Thanks to our experience in the field, you can enjoy relevant advice and all the little local tips that will make your trip a unique and unforgettable experience. All of our tours are tailor-made on our own experience and customer feedback and are thoroughly tested.

Accommodation, transportation, and activities are chosen based on the specific requirements of the client, whether comfort, availability, time, ease of access or budget, in sites of choice offering many opportunities for visits.

Our task force means that we coordinate and manage all aspects of a route or project on your behalf. We offer a 24/7 service that gives you peace of mind from arrival to departure.

Why Namibia?

In southwestern Africa lies a land of compelling fascination. This is Namibia. Described by the bushman as the “Soul of the World”. Namibia is rugged, natural, soulful and liberating. While nature has been fierce and unforgiving, it has also been bountiful. In this cauldron of heat and unforgiving forces, landscapes have been created that are paralleled only in their beauty by the most exquisite diamonds that are found here.

Namibia was the first African country to implement environmental protection into its constitution; these efforts have contributed to an immense uplift of rural communities and the protection of nature and wildlife around the country. Namibia is a true story of a conservancy conscious country.

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